Touch & Pay 2018

Zero stress for inbound visitors and service providers!
Stress-free sightseeing with diverse services integrated with ID-linked fingerprint authentication and the tourism forecast platform will increase productivity and consumption.

Fingerprint authentication enables diverse payment services and hospitality services in diverse situations before, during, and after the trip. Compatibility is expanding to cover all of Japan!!

Touch to The future by "Touch&Pay" Japan Voyage Navigator FIND47

Smart Payments

First register your finger so it is associated with your charge card or credit card!
At your travel destination, just place your finger on the sensor to make a smart payment. You no longer need cash.

Smart Check-in

Associate your finger with your passport information!
At a participating hotel, just place your finger on the sensor to check-in.
There are plans to let your finger, instead of a key, open your room door.

Smart Sympathy Monetary Gift

With Smart Check-in, you need not worry if you get injured during your trip!
"Sympathy monetary gift service*" is included.
*In certain areas, if the required conditions are met, the monetary gift can be spent with the touch of your finger to pay for medical treatment, a medical interpreter, etc. No need to register a bank account. A very quick and easy service.

Smart Ticket Coupon

Your finger can be your ticket or coupon!
No need to issue a paper ticket or coupon to be carried around. In the shop, just tap your finger on the sensor for diverse services.

Smart Shipping

On a webpage or at the airport tourist information booth, register your home address or hotel address in advance. To send a package from a hotel or gift shop, just tap on the shipping address registered for your fingerprint.
*Limited to certain areas and periods.